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๐Ÿ’ช 3 Fitness Mistakes You Don't Want To Make in 2020๐Ÿ’ช

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Daniel Welstead - Plant-Based Vegan Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

Happy New Year to all you amazing people in Sevenoaks, especially all of my clients. I hope you had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed yourself while always being just that wee bit better than what you were last year. You. My name is Daniel Welstead. If you haven't heard or seen me before, I'm a personal trainer within Sevenoaks.

I specialize in female vegan fitness and weight loss. So if that's what you're into, then I'm your guy. Just a little comment below and we can book a free consultation at the end. Anyway, this video is specifically for the beginners of you, the people that are looking to get fit within 2020. If you don't know my backstory, then go onto my website, and you can check out how I became fit.

It wasn't like most personal trainers. I was addicted to the prescription sleeping tablets and I was overweight. I was a professional chef at the time and I used exercise to get myself off the tablets and that then led me to Love Fitness. I say Love fitness, tolerate fitness and tolerate a good diet because I know what it's like without it. So I'm not like most gym bunnies or personal trainers that have always been into fitness and don't understand where you are, because I've been exactly where you are.

Anyway, I'll digress. So are the three fitness mistakes that you don't want to make in 2020. Number one is doing too much too soon. We start January with this lovely feeling of, this is going to be my year, and great, that's great to have and it's so good to have that motivation. However, for you to be able to fit in so much exercise and to die really well along with your current lifestyle is going to be a huge effort.

And if you're a person that is able to make sacrifices for the greater good, or if you're in a situation where you just have to change, you have no choice whether you get diabetes, heart disease, you have a heart attack or something like that, that's going to force you to actually make a lifestyle change and make sacrifices outside your current lifestyle. However, for example, you have a full-time job, your partner has a full-time job and you've got two or three kids. You go into the gym six times a week, five times a week, maybe four times a week, maybe even three times a week is probably going to be unachievable. So what you're going to do is if you start off with the expectation where you want to exercise five or six times a week, but you don't actually do it, you don't follow through with that, you're going to be really disappointed with yourself with that disappointment. You're just going to think, what's the point?

I've got so much business around me everywhere else. What is the point of doing it? So my biggest tip for you, if you're that person with that massively hectic lifestyle is nail one good training session a week and do that for over three months. Perfect it, get it right. Do it without fail.

Every Monday or every Tuesday or Wednesday, whatever day you want to train, just get it done. If you miss your training day, then you've got time for the rest of the week to make it up, which is really nice to have. Sometimes I miss my training days and there's a day within a week, which is usually a Thursday, which I don't train, or Tuesday where I don't train. And I can then slot that in there. And it makes you just feel like you can still achieve what you want to achieve.

That keeps your motivation high, that keeps your momentum high, and that is so good for you for the long term. So you must understand and do not ever go too high. People say dream big, I say dream small and achieve the small things first. Then all those small little dreams make a big dream. If you dream big, you might take on too much where you just think, what's the point?

So that's that one. Tip number two is working only on your strengths. I see so many people in the gym that I go to at the moment where if they're a lady, then they'll be focusing on cardio. And their cardio is great. They could join the treadmill for hours and just hammer it.

Happy days. But they don't look toned and they don't look trim. They might still have a belly and they might still have ever so slightly saggy arms or thighs which need a little bit of work. They need to be going downstairs and they need to be doing the weights that the men are doing and talking about pin. Men don't work on flexibility, all very few do.

They also neglect cardio quite a bit. You see them on the bench press the squat rack and they're just doing so amazingly well on what they're doing. However, they get out of breath so quickly. But also their range of motion is really poor. The intensity that they're working on is great, but those are the two things which are ultimately hindering what they're currently doing.

You're working against each other. My biggest saying to clients is you're only as strong as your weakest link. You're only as strong as your weakest link. Always remember that. If you're only strong at doing strength, the likelihood is you're ultimately going to get injured because your flexibility and your mobility is poor.

So women train like men, men train like women, do that for maybe three months and then go back to what you would do normally the things that you actually really enjoy doing that is so important for you to do, because otherwise you could get injured so much easier. You won't get the different definition that you really want and you might not actually, again, like the last point, you might not actually get to your expected goal. If your goal is to get toned and lean and strong, then spending all the time on the running machine isn't a good idea. Combine that with strength work.

The last and arguably the most important one, and is form. When you're exercising, if you're doing it incorrectly, you're going to injure yourself. Some people have killed themselves, and some people have paralyzed themselves. Do not be one of those people.

If you're completely beginning, if I'm saying form, it simply means the way that you do the exercise, is it being performed correctly? Say, for example, a squat is your back nice and flat, you breaking it. Hip, slight few degrees, you're breaking the knees nicely. Good. Form is absolutely critical, not just to increase muscle stimulation, but also to keep you safe.

If that is not right again, you're going to get injured, you're going to lose momentum, you're going to think lost a point, you quit, you give up. Make sure that form is right. So how do you rectify these things? It's really simple. Get professional advice.

Get advice where people have been there, they've done it. They've transformed their body. Like myself. Like I said about ten years ago, I transformed my body and I've kept the weight off. And I go through different phases of the year where I want to lean down or put a little bit of weight.

But you do that methodically, you know exactly what you're doing. That's exactly how you should be achieving it. You should have literally one goal, no more than one goal. Make them achievable and do it. And to do that, get professional advice.

If you want any extra help, then I've got three, I think three or four no, three slots available still. For my personal training in Sevenoaks, I offer a free 45 minutes consultation. That's where I come to you, your home, or within a park or a field, anywhere where you feel comfortable. And we just simply discuss what your current lifestyle is, where you can improve it, how fit you are. Doing a little mini fitness test.

It's nothing major, it just gives me a guide on where you need to go and what you need to do within the program. I will give you if ultimately you want to train with me in the future. So if you like this video, please give a big thumbs up. I know it's quite a basic one, it's quite a simple one, but it's probably really overestimated and it's been lovely to become live again. I've done a live video for ages, so also click a thumbs up for that comment below.

What are your goals for 2020? Sticking below. I love to hear them. Anyway, I'm back now training clients. It's been a lovely four weeks off.

I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel refreshed and ready to go. Probably need a bit of a shave. But hey, I might do that later on today. Look after yourself, guys.

See you tomorrow. Bye.

Daniel Welstead Vegan Plant-Based Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

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