Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks
  • Daniel Welstead

Critical Personal Training in Sevenoaks Changes

Due to the precautions we all need to take with regards to Covid-19, I am moving all of my personal training and yoga clients either to Zoom or Whatsapp until the governments advise changes.

Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

The great news is, I have built a fantastic online filming setup. You'll be able to follow me in HD on either your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. I am able to view your progress on my 43" TV. For me, this is crucial as I need to see your every move during our online training sessions.

Our personal training session always complements the bespoke online training app that I designed late last year. So make sure you're using it.

With all that is going on in the world, it's imperative that you still look after yourself physically and mentally. So I am delighted that we can still make fantastic progress during this challenging time.

With regards to scheduling. I am trying to maintain the same schedule as we normally do in person.

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Daniel Welstead - Plant-Based Vegan Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

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