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Slow. So Slow.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

During my near-decade of personal training in Sevenoaks, David has been with me right from the start.

But let's get this straight. This really hasn't been easy. David has gone through 1 break of his ACL from (anterior cruciate ligament) from skiing. And two brain tumour operations.

During these times training had to be put on the back burner. That didn't mean it was all chocolate and beddy byes for him. During these time David put his effort into his nutrition. With my expert advice, he was able to recover speedily. In fact, I recall him saying how the doctors were remarkably impressed with his recovery.

However. Let's put David's rather large hurdles aside. Since 2011 I have seen him consistently. But what has impressed me the most is his ability to exercise without me. David has a delicate body (I'm sure he'll appreciate that comment). He's always had a bad back, hernias and what I call writers neck and shoulder. So exercising without expert advice has been a challenge.

However, over the years David has been doing more and more without me. And with the launch of my new online personal training app, he has the ability to do more and more along with his daily yoga and walking the dog.

Unlike most personal trainers I take the time to fully understand my clients. It's imperative to me that I get to know you. I listen to absolutely everything. Note your body language and tone of voice. This analysis gives me the ability to understand whether "fast or slow" weight loss will be your best approach.

And David has definitely been a slow one. That's neither good or bad. It's just the way it is.

Personally, the slower and longer you lose weight for, the more you're building long term habits and instilling a rock hard disciplined mentality. This is far better than doing an extreme diet or workout plan that will leave you crashing and burning and ultimately going back to square one.

On the other hand, if I can see that your lifestyle, relationships and mentality can handle fast weight loss I will advise doing so with caution. It is possible.

What everyone needs to remember is that losing weight does not happen in a linear fashion. Nothing goes in straight lines when it comes to your weight. And you must accept that when it comes to long term weight loss.

Personal trainer in sevenoaks

When we hit middle age the more responsibility we have. And that's wonderful. Kids, work and your social life are things that must be cherished and nurtured just as much as your body.

However, this means you have less time for yourself. So you must manage your expectations appropriately. And that's what I quite enjoy doing.

I remember a current client say to me in a consultation that she would like to lose 4lb a week. We then discussed her lifestyle. She was then a new mum who was working. My advice was shocking to her. I said that your goal won't even be 4lb a month let alone a week.

She was instantly taken back by this. But it offered her a realistic and pressureless target that she could manage within her hectic lifestyle. Now she's in fantastic shape. Happy with her ever-growing rock solid mentality (which was previously very soft). And more importantly, now carrying her 2nd child.

Personal trainers aren't just here to help you to lose weight or build muscle. They should be there to inspire you to become the best version of yourself. For me, that's what makes me love what I do.

Educate and Dominate

Daniel Welstead

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