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☑️ Thursday 9.30am Personal Training Slot Available ☑️

I am pleased to announce that I have one new peak slot available for my fantastic at home mobile personal training service.

When I work with clients I don't just help them to become fitter, leaner and stronger. I help them to optimise their life. I do this by understanding every aspect of their life. This means better self-love, improved relationships with yourself and others all while you're feeling great through our training and correct nutrition.

So, if you're in a position where you need help to become the best version of yourself possible, this is a fantastic opportunity for you.

The trouble is, I have become very particular with the person I want to work with. So they're a few qualifiers you need to pass before I consider working with you:

1: You must be or striving to be on a plant-based vegan diet.

2: You must be doing this out of necessity and not just because it kinda sounds great.

3: You must want a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

4: You must train with me in person AT LEAST once per week.

5: You must be determined, consistent and driven to succeed.

6: You must be within the Sevenoaks area. ( Sevenoaks Town, Riverhead, Dunton Green, Otford, Kemsing, Sundridge etc)

7: You must be willing to pre-book 10 sessions upfront if the consultation process is successful. (See below)

8: You must be willing to CHANGE your current life.

That's quite a list. However, you must meet ALL of the above criteria to work with me.

If you match all of the above criteria I will then do a free two-stage consultation with you.

The first being a phone consultation. This is where we get to know each other to see if we're a good match. You may love or hate me and visa versa. During this, I'll run a lifestyle and diet assessment. If this is successful and we both get good vibes then we commence to stage two.

The second stage gets a little more physical. I'll run a few light fitness tests to gather information, so I can build the optimal program for you. During this, I'll dig deeper into your past so we can develop achievable goals together.

Just a quick note to add. It doesn't matter what condition you're currently in. I'm quite partial to a challenge.

Each 45-minute session is £39.

To have a free phone consultation worth then message me today.

You're in health.

Daniel Welstead - Vegan Plant Based Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

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