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Vegan Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe

(Makes 1 Roll. 6 Rolls Per portion. 415 Calories)

Ingredients :

1 rice paper sheet 1 large tbsp. chopped pre-packaged vegetables (carrots, bean sprouts etc.) 1 small tsp coriander 1 small tsp fresh mint 1 tbsp hoisin sauce 1 tbsp fake duck (Linda McCartneys)

1. Soak one sheet rice paper in water for 30 secs

2. Spread the now limp rice paper on a tea towel

3. Add vegetables, herbs and fake duck and hoisin sauce in the middle like a sauce leave 1 inch on the left and right rights side and leave 2 inches on the top and bottom.

4 Fold the bottom over ingredients in the middle, fold over both left and right side. And then roll over to finish

Serve with a little dipping pot of soy sauce.

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