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5 Benefits For Hiring a Plant-Based Mobile Personal Trainer - Sevenoaks.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

When I was 25, overweight and unhappy I thought I had tried everything I could to lose weight.

That's why when I did ultimately lose weight it was a side effect of an overall lifestyle change from drug addiction. 

And there's the key. It was a lifestyle change. Funny enough I didn't seek professional help. I simply just had enough of my crappy life. However, if I did seek professional help at an earlier time, I honestly think I would have succeeded a lot earlier and regained many lost years. (If you haven't seen my history click here.)

With nearly a decade of experience being a personal trainer in Sevenoaks, I've encountered many people with awful stories like mine and ultimately want the same result as me. To be happy and healthy. And for many. I have been their last port of call. And that I'm really proud of. 

For nearly 4 years ago I have incorporated the plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle. Thus lately, I will only take on new clients that either are vegan or are at least striving to be. 

Since going vegan in 2015 I have thrived physically and mentally. During this time my omnivore clients could see this and many of them have now joined me. These clients have seen remarkable improvements in the health, fitness and lifestyle. 

With my experience as a vegan personal trainer and nutrition coach, I am going to share with you the 5 benefits of hiring a plant-based vegan mobile personal trainer. 


How many times have you blown out going to the gym or even cancelled a pt session simply because in hindsight you couldn't be bothered? I know. Its quite a few isn't it? When you skip sessions, you lose momentum and disciple. A professional mobile pt takes this out of your hands as they turn up on time knocking on your door whether it be morning, night, rain or shine. There's not underestimating how important this is. 


Having a highly knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer by your side gives you confidence during your health and fitness journey. Having someone explain to you what you're doing right and wrong on a regular basis, will help you stay motivated and committed for the long term.


A good personal trainer will be able to inspire you through tough times. Let's be honest. The process to ultimate happiness is simple but it's hard. If your personal trainer is able to keep you inspired during the whole process while keeping your goals realistic is a rare trait. But essential. We all need a little pick me up when we're down. Even me. So look for this in a good personal trainer.

Understanding Veganism.

Let's be honest, most PTs are meatheads. Their answers are "protein this, protein that". "Carbs make you fat" and so on. Let's be real. Unless your insulin resistant (which is actually very rare) carbs will not make you fat. Overeating rubbish will.  Therefore, it's hard to take any dietary advice from a trainer that doesn't understand your health concerns about the standard western diet nor your ethics. Instead of working with each other, you'll be fighting against each other each session. That's no way to spend your well-earned money.


Ultimately it all boils down to results. Whether that be ultimate happiness, health or body, the trainer must be able to give you the tools to get great results safely. A proven track record will give you the confidence to make your decision whether to hire a personal trainer on not. If in doubt read reviews or testimonials.

I could go on with even more amazing benefits for hiring a plant-based personal trainer.

However, I will save that for another blog. I hope this helps in your decision making.

If you're looking for a plant-based personal trainer in Sevenoaks then click here.

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Daniel Welstead

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