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Amazing Vegan Noodles Soup Vietnamese Pho Recipe

Makes 1 - 390 Calories Per Serving


100g black bean spaghetti from amazon

1 pinch Wakame dried seaweed

1 tbsp malt vinegar

Vegan chicken stock

Crushed chillies

Soy sauce to taste

Lime juice to taste

1 tsp ground or fresh garlic

Any stir fry vegetables

Coriander to taste (optional) to taste

2 saucepans containing 1 ½ pints of water each


Bring both saucepans of water to the boil.

Add a good pinch of seaweed to pan ‘one’ followed by 1 ½ tsp vegan chicken stock, vinegar and garlic. This form the broth.

Place noodle into another pan once broth boiling in the first pan. Make sure all submerged and place lid on the pan.

Add the vegetables to the broth. Place lid on the pan.

Boil both pans for exactly 4 minutes.

Strain noodles and place in serving bowl.

Now add all the vegetables and a good helping of soy sauce. Add as much chilli as desired and coriander to taste and finally lime.

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