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🙀 Autumn Cuddles 🙀

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

We can all feel autumn in the air: the nights drawing in, the temperature falling, the dark mornings making it harder to get out of bed. It’s the time of fireworks displays, Halloween parties and the countdown to Christmas. It’s also the most important time of the year to train and eat well.

Unlike the summertime, there are few immediate goals, no one is slimming down for that beach holiday or friend’s wedding. In fact, we are more covered up than ever, in thick jumpers and coats, heavy scarves and boots – all those bits and pieces we dislike disguised by our clothes and the motivation to stay in shape is declining.

The cold, dark mornings and rainy days make us ever less willing to leave our warm beds or train outside or drag ourselves to the gym. We are naturally sleepier after work, as it starts to get dark earlier and more inclined to curl up on the sofa. We have to dig deeper than ever to maintain our fitness routine.

Not only this, the cravings for high fat, high sugar ‘comfort food’ will start to creep in. There is little more tempting than a night in with a dollop of lasagne or a steaming pie on the plate. Halloween may well mean a house full of sweets for days after the 31 st October and there will be more and more parties as Christmas approaches, meaning even more fatty foods and alcohol. Hangovers are the enemy of any training regime, wiping out whole mornings and making us even more likely to reach for carbohydrates. At this time of year, it’s also all too easy to shrug and think ‘I’ll start again in January’.

Yes, it’s a tricky time! But all the more reason for us to stay vigilant, keep eating well and keep up our fitness regime! If you can do it during this time of year the rest will be a breeze.

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Yours in health.

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