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The Future of Personal Training is Mobile Part 5

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

In Sevenoaks, I was one of the OG Mobile PTs 10 years ago.

personal trainer in sevenoaks
Me in 2010 and 2016

Over the past decade of being a successful Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks, I've seen the benefits first-hand of hiring a mobile PT. In Part 2 I discuss the accountability benefits of a PT. During this segment, I will dive deeper into the benefits of going gymless with a mobile PT.

The simplest reason is usually the best. You don't have to make the effort to get to the gym. I know that starting exercise and healthy eating is 3/4 of the battle. Once you're actually doing it it's far better than you perceived. Taking this hurdle out of the equation you are far less to blow out your crucial training session. This leads to quicker results and you being happier and healthier.

Making the most of your home. It's amazing how, your table, chairs and door frame can turn into a gym within seconds. A good personal trainer will show you what the best exercise is for your goals to perform at home. As you know, I'm not a fan of running the risk/reward factor is too great for the average person. The likelihood of picking up joint injuries is too high for me to recommend to everyone. For some yes but only a few. If you're just getting into exercise running isn't essential until later down the line. Bear in mind I haven't run for 18 months now and I'm in great shape.

With the addition of some resistance bands, your home is ready to train in. I think COVID made a lot of people realise this.

The intimidation factor is gone. No longer will you be feeling self-conscious, you won't be looking over your shoulder wondering if people think you're weird. You can build your confidence and body at the convenience of your own home.

Unless you're a gym bunny the benefits of hiring a mobile personal trainer are far greater than just joining the gym on your own. In the previous blog post, I explain how hiring a PT can be cheaper than not. So make sure to check that out too.

On that note, if you want to see how hiring me can change your life click on the link below

personal trainer in sevenoaks
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