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Indian Vegan Bean Burger Recipe

Makes 4 - 380 Calories Per Burger


2 cups cooked pinto beans, kidney beans or white beans

2 cups sweet potato, boiled

1 cup chopped raw onion

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp-1tbsp Vegan chicken stock to taste

1-2 tsp garam masala or curry powder

2 little gem lettuce leaves

Handful of coriander or cilantro

1 tsp mint sauce

2 tsp vegan mayonnaise


Mash together beans and sweet potato.

Add onions, vegan chicken stock, garlic powder, garam masala or curry powder and pepper to taste and mix together. Then squish them into handful sized patties.

Fry vegan burger until golden brown or even darker. 3-5 minutes either side.

Mix vegan mayonnaise and mint sauce to make raita.

Place sausage burger on one little gem leaf.

Pour raita on other leaf adding coriander and them sprinkling lime juice over. Now turn over on top of the burger and enjoy.

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