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Mindset. The Key To Fat Loss. Why You Should Hire A Personal Trainer Part 3

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

With over a decade of experience being a successful personal trainer in Sevenoaks, I've identified one of the most important attributes in successful clients. And that's their mindset.

A will to succeed in weight loss doesn't tend to come naturally. If it did everyone would already feel amazing. Alas, a strong mindset is built via a multitude of means.

Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

The first is to accept and implement the advice you are given by a professional. Most people enter their fitness journey thinking that all they need to do is cut out carbs and start running to lose weight. However, getting professional advice will give you more of an idea of what will work for you in the short and long term. The latter being the most important.

Being receptive to said advice is the first step to true change. The next is implementing it. Again if this were easy everyone would already be in amazing shape.

Implementation of said advice should fit into someone's current lifestyle such as work, kids and goals etc. If your plan is contradictory to your lifestyle and won't fit you've been given bad advice. Thus leading to weak implementation and unsustainability.

This is where a highly experienced personal trainer comes in. A quality trainer will not only give their client the guidance they need but they'll be able to cultivate their mindset giving them solutions to problems that'll arise during their journey. Yes, it's not straightforward. We all slip up at some point. And that's ok. It's how you rectify things that matter the most.

A personal trainer should always have a belief that their client will succeed. (Not a blind belief, if that's the case they need to be honest and not take your money.) But deep down a trainer seeing someone's true potential is where the PT will be able to motivate them within and outside training.

Support. We have all got stuck at some point during our fitness goals. Whether that be via diet, exercise or sometimes and unfortunately injuries. Without a PT you can easily lose the will to continue. However, a great trainer will be adaptive during this time and will offer you solutions and support during challenging times so you can continue to become the best version of yourself possible.

As you can see so far during these first 3 parts a great personal trainer is incredibly valuable to your health and wellbeing. And investing in a good one can be one of the greatest decisions one can make.

If you're looking for a Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks that brings the gym to your home. Then make sure you click on the link below.

Yours in Health

Daniel Welstead

personal trainer in sevenoaks

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