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The Truth About Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Watch the video below to find out the truth about weight loss.

The Internet is a Pandora's box. You want to ask, how do I lose weight? You read one article, it tells you how to lose weight. You then read another article, and it completely contradicts what you just read. So what do you believe? It really is simple calories in versus calories out. Are you consuming too many calories that you're gaining weight? If so, consume fewer calories than your body needs to lose weight. It's that simple. And it's exactly the same as if you're on a vegan diet. A banana still has calories. Grapes still have calories. Sweet potatoes still have calories. You have to make sure you're still within the caloric limit, even on a vegan diet. Obviously, that's what I'm on. And for me, that is most optimal for health. And I wouldn't change anything about that because it is unbelievable. So don't overcomplicate things. Keep it simple. Eat your fruits and veg and stay under your calorie limit. Job done.

For over a decade I have been a personal trainer in Sevenoaks. My story into exercise isn't the same as other "generic PT's. In short, like you, I've disliked exercise and healthy eating most of my life. However, I hit rock bottom in 2009 and exercise saved me. To read more about my remarkable journey from a chubby chef to an award-winning personal trainer in Sevenoaks click here.

In 2010 I qualified as a personal trainer in Sevenoaks. Since then I've been transforming people's lives throughout my home town of Sevenoaks. During this time I have been on a pursuit of ultimate health and happiness. In which I have discovered the powerful benefits of a plant-based vegan diet and mindfulness. With these new additions to my ongoing personal training toolbox, in 2017 I qualified as a Mindfulness and Life Coach, and a Vegan Nutrition Consultant.

With my high personal training experience, and knowledge as a former professional chef, mindfulness and vegan nutrition coach, I will be the last health and fitness professional you will need to help achieve your goals.


Level 3 Personal Trainer & Diploma

Level 3 Mindfulness & Diploma

Level 3 Life Coaching & Diploma

Vegan Nutrition Consultant Diploma

Professional Chef NVQ3 Diploma

Daniel Welstead. Plant Based Vegan Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

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