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What's The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Watch the short video below to find out what the best exercise is for weight loss.

What's the best exercise for weight loss? I Get that question so often and it really annoys me because if you're looking at a long-term approach to weight loss, there isn't just one exercise. You have to incorporate everything. For example, you must incorporate strength, you must incorporate cardio, and you must incorporate some sort of mobility, ie. Yoga. It's like if you don't put oil into your car or you don't put petrol in your car or if you don't put coolant in your car, at some point your car is going to break down. But with all three well topped up and done regularly and check regularly, your car is going to run like a dream. It's the same as your body. Don't just think that. Okay, well, high-intensity training is the best for weight loss. In the moment, maybe, but in the long run, no.

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