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Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks Who's Not a Robot?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I've been a successful personal trainer in Sevenoaks for over 7 years now. Unlike most trainers. I was rubbish at sports, hated exercise and loved all the wrong foods. If you said to me 10 years I would be doing this right now I would have looked at you in disbelief and told you to f*ck off. 

Like you exercise and diet doesn't come naturally to me. So I have had to work damn hard to get to where I have done today. That has included physical, mental and social sacrifices. All of which have now bettered my life immeasurably. 

During this time I have gained a very thick skin and my tolerance for bullsh*t is zero. Unlike most trainers, you and I have a lot in common and this approach works. That's not to say I won't nurture you as well. I simply say it how it is.


I have seen many personal trainers in Sevenoaks come and go. I bumped into a very successful former client of mine the other day in Tesco Riverhead. She said to me " I'm surprised to have come across so many trainers that actually hate what they do". She goes on further to say," My friend in London has trained at 6am with a personal trainer each weekday morning for the past year, she has now had 3 different trainers in this time span because either they cancelled at the last minute, were uninspiring and the latter simply didn't want to be a trainer."

I was pretty shocked by what she said. I live in a bubble where I love what I do. Which made me think. Why?

Why do I enjoy it so much? It wasn't that I get see you transform mentally and physically (even though that is a big part of it). It's not that I can determine who I work with (however it does help). 

It's simple. I see you me in all of you. I can relate to you. Before I meet you we already have something in common. I've been through your pain, your low self-esteem and depression. 

And now with my current clients, I get to see them become the best version of themselves possible. Like me, they have changed their life for the better.

And I LOVE that!

If you're looking for a personal trainer in Sevenoaks make sure you choose one that not only has a good record, is well established and is reliable. But make sure they understand you. Sometimes more than you understand yourself.

Educate and Dominate

Daniel Welstead

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