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Personal Training In Sevenoaks Availability March 2020

If you're looking to become fitter, healthier and happier then this is a fantastic opportunity. I specialise in transforming people's lives. And a bespoke exercise regime moulded to your lifestyle is the foundation to success.

Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

I focus on helping you develop your body and mind so you can become the best version of yourself possible. I take a firm but fair approach to my client's goals. Some people need nurturing. And others need a heavy hand. Everyone is different so there's no cookie-cutter approach like other generic personal trainers.

I gather the majority of information I need from my unique two-stage consultation. I offer this for free. This means I can devise a bespoke training and diet plan so you can succeed consistently.

Personal Trainer in Sevenoaks

All of my personal training clients get access to my VIP online membership. The app gives you access to bespoke online workouts that can achieve at the comfort of your own home or at the gym. Other personal trainers charge over £100 per month for a similar service. However, I have a duty to you to give you the best service when you're training 1 on 1 with me.

Using my proven approach I will always focus on building your weaknesses first. My mantra is "You're only as strong as your weakest link." Using this approach means you build a balanced body in which we can make you fitter, stronger and leaner. With nearly a decade of success within Sevenoaks, I look forward to helping achieve your goals.

If you want more information about my personal training approach click here.

So if you're in Sevenoaks and you want to improve your life, whether it be health, fitness or weight loss then check out my updated availability below.

Monday 9.15am & 10.15am

Wednesday 9.15am

Thursday: 10.30 am

If you would like to make the most of this fantastic opportunity then click here.

Yours in Health.

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